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During this 20 week course, participants:
  • Learned how modern astronomy began with the invention of the telescope
  • Learned about electromagnetic radiation and how astronomers observe the universe across the full emr spectrum from radio waves to X-rays
  • Examined on-line releases of astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope and other space and ground-based telescopes
  • Examined in detail, some selected astronomical objects:
    • Mars, Saturn, asteroids and comets
    • Planetary systems around nearby stars
    • The Milky Way Galaxy and other galaxies in the Local Group
  • Learned about star formation, life cycles and end points.
  • Studied how astronomers measure the universe
    • Parallax
    • Cepheid stars
    • Type Ia supernovae
  • Learned about the early history of the universe
  • Learned about unresolved problems of dark matter and dark energy
  • Got to know the night sky through practical observation
  • Viewed planets, stars, star clusters, nebulae and galaxies, through telescopes provided by BDAS members
  • Photographed the stars with digital cameras
  • Discussed media coverage of astronomy
  • Attended BDAS Public Speaker events
No astronomical, computer or photographic expertise was required. All required equipment was supplied. Participants received tutorial assistance with computer and camera use. Supper was provided during each session. At the conclusion of the course, participants received a certificate and a CD-ROM containing material presented during the course.


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