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  1. Observation of the night sky
    • Naked eye, binoculars, small telescopes
    • Use of the freeware planetarium program: Stellarium
  2. Getting to know the constellations through handheld digital photography and image editing using the freeware image editor: FastStone
  3. Why Pluto is no longer considered a planet – a survey of our rapidly expanding knowledge of Solar System bodies beyond Neptune
  4. The evolution of the Solar System – what we have learned from data returned by Spacecraft
  5. Planetary systems around other stars, a survey of recent discoveries
  6. A brief survey of the universe
    • Time: from The Big Bang through to today
    • Objects: radiation, nebulae, stars, planetary systems, galaxies
    • Major unknowns: dark matter and dark energy
  7. Discussion of astronomical events reported in the media
  8. Astronomy resources on the Internet
No astronomical, computer or photographic expertise is required. All required equipment will be supplied. Participants will receive tutorial assistance with computer and camera use. Participants will be encouraged to work in pairs and small groups. Supper will be provided during each session. At the conclusion of the course, participants will receive a participation certificate and a CD-ROM containing material presented during the course.


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