Introduction to Landsat Remote Sensing Satellites

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Landsat Remote Sensing Satellites

The first Landsat satellite was launched as an experiment in July 1972. It returned information of unforeseen value. The Landsat series of remote sensing satellites was developed as result. Each new satellite has continued to improve its sensing capabilities and build upon the success of the initial mission.

The Landsat Project Office at Goddard, Maryland developed and launched the Landsat 7 satellite and developed the ground operations system. In October 2000, the U.S. Geological Survey assumed operation of the spacecraft.

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Landsat 11972Decommissioned 6 January 1978
Landsat 21975Decommissioned 25 February 1982
Landsat 31978Decommissioned 31 March 1983
Landsat 41982Satellite turned off in August 1992 and kept in standby mode
Landsat 51984Operational
Landsat 61993Failed on launch
Landsat 71999Operational

Diagram of Landsat 7