The Eighty Eight Astronomical Constellations

Andromeda Antlia, The Air Pump Apus, Bird of Paradise Aquarius, Water Carrier Aquila, The Eagle
Ara, The Altar Aries, The Ram Auriga, The Charioteer Bootes, The Hunter Caelum, The Chisel
Camelopardalis, The Giraffe, Cancer, The Crab Canes Venatici, Hunting Dogs Canis Major, The Greater Dog Canis Minor, The Lesser Dog
Capricornus, The Goat-Fish Carina, The Keel Cassiopeia Centaurus, The Centaur Cepheus
Cetus, The Whale Chamaeleon, Circinus, The Compasses Columba, The Dove Coma Berenices, Berenice's Hair
Corona Australis, Southern Crown Corona Borealis, Northern Crown Corvus, The Crow Crater, The Cup Crux, Southern Cross
Cygnus, The Swan Delphinus, The Dolphin Dorado, The Goldfish Draco, The Dragon Equuleus, The Little Horse
Eridanus, The River Fornax, The Furnace Gemini, The Twins Grus, The Crane Hercules
Horologium, The Pendulum Clock Hydra, The Water Snake Hydrus, The Lesser Water Snake Indus, The Indian Lacerta, The Lizard
Leo, The Lion Leo Minor, The Lesser Lion, Lepus, The Hare Libra, The Scales Lupus, The Wolf
Lynx Lyra, The Lyre Mensa, The Table Mountain Microscopium, The Microscope Monoceros, The Unicorn
Musca, The Fly Norma, The Level Octans, The Octant Ophiuchus, Serpent Holder Orion, The Hunter
Pavo, The Peacock Pegasus, The Winged Horse Perseus, Phoenix, The Phoenix Pictor, The Painter's Easel
Pisces, The Fish Piscis Austrinus, The Southern Fish Puppis, The Stern Pyxis, The Compass Reticulum, The Reticle
Sagitta, The Arrow Sagittarius, The Archer Scorpius, The Scorpion Sculptor, The Sculptor Scutum, The Shield
Serpens, The Serpent Sextans, The Sextant Taurus, The Bull Telescopium, The Telescope Triangulum, The Triangle
Triangulum Australe, Southern Triangle Tucana, The Toucan Ursa Major, The Great Bear Ursa Minor, The Lesser Bear Vela, The Sails
Virgo, The Virgin Volans, The Flying Fish Vulpecula, The Fox - The Constellations

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