Milky Way - [Show Controls]

Over the course of the year, and over the course of each night, different portions of the Milky Way rotate into view. The animation shows the whole sky at about four day intervals. The dates relate to the sky in view an hour after sunset.

In the south, the portion of the galaxy on either side of the Southern Cross is always in view.

In January and February, we see out to Auriga and parts of Perseus in the north.

In March, the Milky Way arches overhead with Canopus and Sirus near the zenith.

In September, the Galaxy is again arched overhead, but with the center of the galaxy between Scorpio and Sagittarius directly overhead.

In September and October, we see out to Aquilla and Cygnus in the north.

To see the portion of the Milky Way between Perseus and Cygnus, we would have to travel to the Northern Hemisphere.

Milky Way from the Inside