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Path of Venus through the Sky as seen from Earth

The Orbits of Venus and Earth

The movie shows a simulation of the orbits of Venus and Earth. Venus' year is shorter than Earth's. It passes Earth at regular intervals.

Planet Length of Year
Venus 225 days
Earth 365 days

While Venus is in the evening sky, it is approaching Earth. [View Venus approaching]

While Venus is in the morning sky, it is receeding from Earth. [View Venus receeding]

Approximately, how long does the simulation run for in Earth years?

  1. less than one year
  2. exactly one year
  3. about two and a half years
  4. more than ten years
Approximately how many months elapse between one Venus pass and the next?

  1. 6 months
  2. 8 months
  3. 12 months
  4. 20 months

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