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The Sun

These documents have been assembled to indicate the depth of planning and the breadth of collaborative effort over decades that have been devoted to gaining an understanding of the nature of our parent star and how it affects the solar system.

Documents on the Web

  • Periodic Table of Elements
    An interactive periodic table of the elements. (Los Alamos National Laboratory, Chemistry Division)
  • SOHO The Sun as Art
    A gallery of beautiful solar images and displays of solar data (SOHO Site)
  • Ulysses 15 Years
    A movie overview of the accomplishments of the Ulysses Mission in its tours over the poles of the Sun. (Ulysses Site)
  • Heliophysics Roadmap May 2006
    The Sun-Solar System Connections Great Observatory (SSSC) thirty-year plan for answering the questions:
    • How and why does the Sun vary?
    • How do planetary systems respond?
    • What are the impacts on humanity?

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Michael Gallagher
May 2006