Baade's Window

1. Fisheye Lens View of the Whole Sky

Zoom Level 1 - 1 annotated
Zoom Level 2 - 2 annotated
Zoom Level 3 - 3 annotated
Zoom Level 4 - 4 annotated
Zoom Level 5 - 5 annotated
Zoom Level 6 - 6 annotated

The centre of the Milky Way Galaxy is for the most part obscured by thick clouds of dust. There is is a gap between the clouds, however - Baade's Window, named after the Astronomer who first realised that this fortuitous break in the clouds allows us to peer right into the central bulge of the galaxy.

The links above allow you to zoom in on Baade's window and glimpse the unimaginable density of stars in the galaxy's central bulge region. The annotated links are marked with constellation lines to assist you to locate Baade's Window in the sky.