Wolfe Creek Crater

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Wolfe Creek Crater from northern rim
Wolfe Creek Crater from northern rim

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Date: 9th July 2006
Camera: Sony DSC F828
Camera Mount: Hand held
Images in panorama: 14
Stitching Method: Canon Photostitch
Exposure Control: Manual
Shutter Speed: 1/2000
Focal length: 12.2
F Number: 3.2
ISO Rating: 100

Wolfe Creek Meteorite Crater is about 100 kms or 2 hours drive, south of Halls Creek Western Australia. It wss formed about 300,000 years ago from the strike of a 100 m diameter iron rich meteorite. The crater is approximately 880 m in diameter. The rim rises about 60 metres above the crater floor. The floor is about 20 metres below the level of the surrounding plain. The crater is gradually filling with sand. When new, the floor was 150 m below the rim.

From the outside, the crater rim looks just like the many other spinifex covered stony ridges found at the northern edge of the Great Sandy Desert.