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During this ten week course, participants:
  • Used BDAS member’s telescopes to view stars, clusters and nebulae.
  • Used College computers to view images captured by ground observatories and space telescopes.
  • Used digital cameras to photograph selected constellations.
  • Used College computers to process digital camera images to bring out detail, add constellation lines and label stars.
  • Learned how to use astronomy and photo editing software included on the course CD-ROM.
  • Learned how the distance to stars is measured.
  • Learned how stars are distributed in size and life expectancy.
  • Learned how star composition is determined and how stars vary in composition.
  • Learned how stars form, how they generate energy and how they age and die.
  • Researched selected stars from a constellation and prepared and presented a summary of their findings to the class.
  • Discussed astronomical discoveries reported in the media and attended BDAS Public Speaker events.
No astronomical, computer or photographic expertise was required. All required equipment was be supplied. Participants received tutorial assistance with computer and camera use. Participants were encouraged to work in pairs and small groups. Supper was provided during each session. At the conclusion of the course, participants received a certificate and a CD-ROM containing material presented during the course.


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